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Together We Save

KEM Electric is proud to be a Touchstone Energy Cooperative. KEM Electric has joined other Touchstone Energy Cooperatives across the country all of which have a common commitment to provide superior and responsive service to our members. We pledge to operate with integrity, customer accountability, innovation and commitment to community. 

KEM Electric Cooperative's mission is to dedicate ourselves to providing safe, reliable energy and services that support and unite our members. With the recent rate increases and today's economy we understand that every penny counts. That's why KEM Electric Cooperative and more than 690 other Touchstone Energy® Cooperative in 46 states across the country are working with their members to help them use energy more effectively and efficiently through a new campaign called "Touchstone, We Save." Click on the link to take the virtual Home Tour and learn how to save on your energy bill.

How to access E-Bill:

Whether you're busy taking care of your family or always on the go. KEM Electric understands how hard it is to get everything done in 24 hours. That is why KEM Electric is excited to announce online bill pay or e-bill.

With e-bill you can instantly view information about your current bill, view payment history, electric usage and monthly cost comparisons as well as make a payment from your computer, at any convenient time.


Scammers Impersonating Utilities

KEM Electric Cooperative wants to alert its members to a scam being directed at utility customers across the country. Customers have been targeted by scammers claiming to be a collections agent. The caller will impersonate the utility company, claiming the customer’s utility bill is overdue and needs to be paid immediately. If refused, the scammer will threaten disconnection.

The National Information Solutions Cooperative, which develops and supports software and hardware for cooperatives from its headquarters in Mandan, has had a number of reports of this scam from its cooperative members across the country, and shares this list of generalizations that seem common among these cases:

  • Sometimes the scammers would have the account number and amount due. This information may have been obtained through some type of social engineering.
  • Typically, a prepaid debit card number has been requested. In most cases, the scammer even provided a callback number in case a prepaid debit card was not immediately available.
  • The caller ID number has been spoofed to look as if it is actually the utility company calling.
  • Typically, commercial accounts have been targeted, as information may be easier to obtain.
  • Several larger electric utilities have already been targeted.

KEM Electric Cooperative encourages all members to be aware of this scam. KEM Electric Cooperative does call those with delinquent accounts to make arrangements for payments, however those without delinquent accounts are not contacted. If you are unsure about the call, hang up and call KEM Electric Cooperative directly.

If you have any questions about this issue, feel free to contact the KEM Electric Cooperative.

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