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Board of Directors

District 1: John Beck, Linton District 2: Carter Vander Wal, Pollock (Secretary/Treasurer) District 4: Victor (Chuck) Wald, Napoleon (Vice Chairman)

District 1
John Beck, Linton

Elected 2015

District 2
Carter Vander Wal, Pollock

Elected 2015

District 3
Neil Meidinger, Zeeland

Elected 2016

District 4
Victor (Chuck) Wald, Napoleon

Elected 2017

District 5: Dean Dewald, Steele (Chairman) At Large: Carmen Essig, Lehr At Large: Dean Hummel, Hague

District 5
Dean Dewald, Steele

Elected 2017

At Large
Carmen Essig, Lehr
Vice Chairman

Elected 2017

At Large
Dean Hummel, Hague

Elected 2016


The KEM Electric Board consists of 7 member elected directors. Directors are elected at the annual meeting each June to serve 3 year terms and meet once a month.

Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month unless re-scheduled otherwise.

Members are welcome to attend the board meetings at any time. Please contact KEM at, or call 1-800-472-2673 or 1-701-254-4666 to confirm the meeting date and location if you wish to attend.

To place an item on the agenda, please contact Board Chairman Victor "Chuck" Wald or Co-General Manager/Chief Executive Officer Donald Franklund at one of the above numbers at least one week in advance. Members May obtain a copy of approved board minutes by completing and returning the "Request for Information or Data" form:

Request Meeting Minutes


Past Statewide Directors for KEM Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • Carmen Essig: January, 2016 to Present
  • Milton Brandner: April, 2008 to January, 2016
  • Adolph Feyereisen: October, 2002 to March, 2008*
  • Milton Brandner: July, 1999 to October, 2002
  • Glen Perman: October, 1995 to June, 1999
  • Adolph Feyereisen: August, 1993 to October, 1995
  • Joe G. Glatt: July, 1984 to August, 1993
  • Roland Becker: July, 1980 to June, 1984
  • Herbert O. Wiest: October, 1974 to July, 1980
  • Andrew Weigel: February, 1969 to October, 1974
  • Joseph Vetter: June, 1954 to February, 1969
  • Fred J. Ohlhauser: August, 1951 to June, 1954

*Statewide Vice President  (1995-1999)
*Statewide President (1999-2008)